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Kids Reading Book in Park

Lets encourage our scholars to dream, imagine, invent, and explore through the books we listen to them read to us.

Mental Fitness is the key to success. Speaking life.      Sometimes we just have to take a break to reflect.       Cant solve a problem with the same mind that created  it. Transformation in the making!!Working together to bridge the gap.


Literacy and fitness

Our Program Standard

In our community, we practice good listening skills.

Kids Playing Tug of War

Want to be apart of taking back our community?

We endeavor to break the cycle of poverty in our communities and pass on lessons to our youth.

Change beginnings with YOU.

The Take Back Community

Teacher and Young Student

Positioning each scholar to be literacy fit. Focusing on listening, intellect, transformation, engaging, reflecting, accuracy, communicating and ones ideas.

Putting everything else to the side for a change can help our scholars to stay focus and know what to do when find themselves distracted.

Running Children

This program is to meet the needs of our scholars individually and as a whole, so cycles can be broken and change can take place.

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