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Sankofa Teen Mentors

Sankofa Mentors Program's objective is to break the cycle of poverty and violence through literacy, mental, and physical fitness. Sankofa mentees will be educated on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, tutoring, time management, hands on skills to pay the bills, mental toughness, job readiness, etiquette, computer skills, communication and community engagement.

Mental Fitness/Toughness

Young Mentors will develop a deeper understanding of  Identity, Drivers, Triggers, Coping Skills, Communication, Acceptance, Personality Traits, Self-Awareness, Goals,  Endurance , Perseverance

Literacy Fitness

Young Mentors will develop a love for and deeper understanding of Journally, Reading/Reflecting, Financial Literacy read “How Money Works”, tutoring, Communication through Arts, Art Expressions

Physical Fitness

Young Mentors will develop a healthy habit in training the body and mind in Endurance, Growth, Team Building, Nutrition, Community Involvement                     


 Participants will develop a self awareness of their abilities, who they are, where they want to be, and triggers in order to maintain mental toughness. Participants will engage in music, dancing, painting, drama and different forms of art. Each student will build on their endurance as they maintain their health and practice daily healthy eating habits to increase mental stability. All participants will be required to get involved in community engagement to beautify and help our community. Each participant will learn about financial literacy; how to maintain cash flow, become entrepreneurs, manage money, invest money and time, time management, owning properties and saving money. All participants will pick a trade they desire and learn the skills to pay bills and more. 

Let's Work Together


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